Zero the hero! Apple’s new Mail Protection Privacy and what it means for marketing

Imagine you lived in a house in a picturesque village and one day you decided to take a walk to the big city because you needed to buy something in a large shop there. On your way you have to cross a road. It’s only small, there are no cars. However, the next road is much bigger and extremely busy. There’s an underpass but the lights aren’t working and you can hear someone shouting incoherently. As you get nearer the center of the city you start to meet street vendors trying to sell you their wares. One person engages you in conversation, you tell them what you are going to buy. They tell you they have what you are looking for but much cheaper. All you must do is follow them down the narrow alleyway to their house and give them your name and address. In the distance you can see the large shop. What do you do?

In life, be it real, virtual or hypothesized we are constantly making decisions and weighing up pros and cons. We want to crossroads but we don’t want to get hit by cars. We’ll take an underpass unless we think it is safer to negotiate the road. We always want a deal but we never want to get conned.

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