You know how important integration is, but how do you convince the board?

There aren’t many IT professionals that still have a hard time convincing the board of the importance of digital transformation. The unique challenges brought about by the pandemic demonstrated just how important digital capabilities are to adapting and thriving in rapidly changing circumstances. Yet while priorities such as launching new services and improving customer experience are now high on the agenda in every boardroom, it’s more difficult to drive interest in the integration that powers these initiatives. According to our research, only 29 percent of the applications organizations use are integrated, leaving IT estates siloed. As a result, many organizations lack the means to fully embrace and accelerate digital transformation. 

Who really looks at the foundations? 

Part of the reason for this is that integration is a tough sell when compared with the technologies we usually associate with digital transformation, such as cloud or AI. IT and development teams will likely understand that integration provides a foundation for digital transformation, but it’s unlikely that other decision-makers in the business will pay as much attention. It’s easy to understand why. Who really looks at the foundations as a major selling point when buying a new house?

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