What will Covid’s digital transformation legacy be for the Public Sector?

It is undeniable that the pandemic has had an impact on the way the public sector has had to operate, but will the changes that it’s been forced to implement signify change that lasts longer than the virus itself? What the public sector enacted in response to Covid-19 was revolutionary, enabling remote working (for example) on a hitherto unimaginable scale in such a short time frame can only be seen as a significant success.

This move towards remote working was of course coupled with the challenge of dealing with the pandemic itself, at a local and national level this was a task hard to understate. Major new digital schemes were ideated and implemented, including the furlough scheme and GOV.UK’s coronavirus hub to name just two examples. Combine that with ensuring interdepartmental data collation and sharing, again at both a national and local level and you can make an uncontroversial assumption that the knock-on impact for digital transformation will have been monumental. Multi-year digital transformation strategies were delivered in weeks.

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