How 5G can help power the CX of 2021 and beyond

5G is a big priority for telecommunications providers in the UK, with the technology promising to transform mobile communication across the world. The rollout is gathering pace, with operator EE (BT) recently announcing that a further 35 towns and cities across the UK have started to go live on their new 5G ultrafast mobile broadband network. As the rollout continues, the buzz heightens in tandem – but how will this new technology change the customer experience (CX)?

5G should act as a catalyst for a better CX. However, to make the most of the technology, businesses will have to start planning now. As Deloitte argues, “digital transformation initiatives that are in flight or being planned must consider where and how 5G and edge computing capabilities can offer benefits and address financial and operational challenges. In parallel, retailers should consider future possibilities for CX and store operations that can be enabled by this next-gen digital infrastructure.”

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