VPNs are causing a number of problems for businesses

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is generally considered a must-have for businesses looking to keep the data that flows through the network safe and secure. However, most organizations also report problems with using the tool.

This is according to a new report DH2i, based on a poll of 228 respondents across IT job functions and industries, which argues that most organizations (62 percent) struggle with “inadequate security” linked with their VPN.

“Anxiety about the security posture of the devices accessing their VPNs, concerns about granted network access levels of VPN users and a lack of visibility into what VPN users were doing on the network were the chief causes of this pain,” the report states.

Respondents also reported performance issues (45 percent), problems with manageability and reliability for DR. Four in ten, meanwhile, believe their networks have already been breached by bad actors.

However, VPNs are still considered an invaluable tool, with most organizations using one to secure remote user access, site-to-site connections, as well as site-to-cloud or cloud-to-cloud connections.

Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and Check Point were listed as the top three VPN vendors, but many others are also in use.

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