Better apps are the key to your business surviving the pandemic

Some businesses managed not only to maintain agility and reliability during the Covid-19 pandemic, but actually managed to make improvements in these categories, a new report from VMware states.

Based on a poll of 5,000 business decision makers, IT decision makers and app developers, the report asserts that this is all down to modern applications.

Modern, cloud-native apps helped organizations remain agile and reliable during the pandemic in many ways: they enabled a remote workforce, allowed organizations to push quick updates in response to a changing landscape and to maintain uptime.

They also improved the end-user experience, increased app and software performance and increased business efficiency.

“Businesses need to do more than transform capabilities to deliver digital experiences for customers and for employees,” said Sumit Dhawan, SVP and Chief Customer Experience Officer at VMware.

“Ultimately, it is about cultivating software-minded leadership, driving alignment among app developers, IT and the business, and adopting strategic technology platforms to thrive.”

The idea of having a software-minded leadership that will drive alignment among different departments was also reflected in the report. Businesses that thrived during the pandemic also reported better alignment between app dev and IT teams, app dev and business teams, as well as IT and business teams.

Almost all (88 percent) of the survey’s respondents said organizations with software-minded leaders are more successful.

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