Why digital transformation for enterprises relies on 5G private networks

Enterprises are continually seeking ways to improve business outcomes. Productivity, operational efficiency, quality, cost, workplace safety, revenue growth and sustainability are all areas that dictate the success or failure of a business. To realize such outcomes, an outstanding digital infrastructure is essential. 5G is the technology that promises to enable new services and applications that will allow enterprises to address these areas. In fact, 5G and its associated technology ecosystems (IoT, AI, edge compute and robotics) are the substrate on which enterprise business and operational models can be transformed.  

Transforming the enterprise 

Today, there is huge demand from various verticals—from transportation and logistics to manufacturing, education, health services and agriculture—for digital transformation. The advanced network characteristics of 5G private networks, combined with the latest disruptive technologies, will empower enterprises to realize the ultra-low latency applications and use-cases set to impel business transformation. 

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