VPS web hosting: Everything your business needs to know

If you’re familiar with the world of web hosting, and the best web hosting providers, you’ll definitely have heard of two of the main types: shared and dedicated server hosting. 

However, there’s a third option suited to businesses who need more power than a shared hosting plan offers, but don’t need their own dedicated server: VPS web hosting. In this feature, we explain what VPS web hosting is, and tell you everything that you and your business need to know about it.

VPS web hosting: What is it?  

A VPS operates almost like a mini dedicated server for your site’s resources (Image credit: Image Credit: RAID)

A virtual private server (VPS) is essentially like a mini dedicated server. It involves a specified amount of server resources being isolated from a physical server and dedicated to you, and you alone. It’s possible to host numerous VPSs on one single bare metal or dedicated server, which can be scaled up or down as required. This means you’ll only ever have to pay for the resources you’re actually using. 

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