Toe the line: harness data lineage to drive business success

With data growing exponentially in volume and technology continuously evolving, organizations are now finding themselves inundated with an overwhelming amount of information to manage. Without an effective data management solution in place, this situation often leads to countless hours spent trying to reconcile pervasive poor-quality data, inaccurate reporting and lack of compliance for many organizations. Business leaders are now recognizing just how significant the issue of data can be for a business’s operations. As a result, the global data visualization market size is projected to more than double over the next six years.  

In today’s digital world, the issue of data lineage and the broader implications of its role within the enterprise are quickly becoming critical issues. Understanding and tracing the flow of a single set of information from its source, through potentially numerous processing points within a company’s structure enables businesses to evidence control and understand that data. Without clear visibility into the lifecycle or journey of said data, it’s impossible to guarantee if any resulting insights will be accurate. 

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