Quality data is the bedrock to true business intelligence

As with everything nowadays, the Business Intelligence (BI) industry is expanding and evolving at a rapid pace – by 2022, Reuters expects the global revenue of BI to be worth $29.48 billion. The rising volume of data available to businesses means that they are constantly evaluating their collection and understanding process of data to serve customers or target markets better. Business Intelligence is constantly allowing companies to evolve, pivot, and formulate new ways to service their customers better, and perform in a more streamlined and simple capacity.

However, BI is still seen in some areas as a ‘nice to have’ as opposed to operationally necessary. This can be down to many businesses not knowing how to use Business Intelligence effectively. Ultimately, a misunderstanding into how to use BI, and the role that quality data has to play in the implementation, could be holding businesses back from realizing their full potential.

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