Knowledge is power – getting to grips with SASE

The implementation of new technology within a business can often take months to complete. It requires planning, budgeting and research- all of which takes time and effort from multiple teams within the company. Unfortunately, the last year deprived business leaders of the luxury of time, and making digital transformation decisions dramatically accelerated. According to our latest report, 84 percent of IT and security professionals experienced an increase in cloud adoption and other digital transformation projects.  

This level of change within technology adoption timeframes can have several impacts on business operations, as many discovered last year. Without sufficient time to prepare, many companies experienced unreliable connectivity and limited real-time IT support. Video conferencing and collaboration apps were greatly affected by this dip in performance for 36 percent of our survey respondents. Various different solutions were considered and adopted to try and help overcome the network and security issues, however it’s come to our attention that not everyone who implements these solutions has a complete understanding of what they are.

Narrowing down the choices   

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