Improving university experiences with cloud technology

The pandemic has impacted almost all sectors and industries, and the education sector is no exception to this. For many students, university is often an exciting chapter of their life as it’s typically the first time they’re living away from home, becoming more independent and meeting new people. Then came the pandemic and tables were turned, forcing students to socially distance on campus and universities to move learning online. It’s not surprising then, that with these abrupt changes, more than 80 percent of students reported that the pandemic impacted their education in a negative way, according to student support service, Studiosity and Red Brick Research. 

It can be costly for both students and universities when students drop out. Research has previously found that UK universities are losing around £3 million per year in total, due to student turnover, with 6.8 percent leaving in the first year. Even before the pandemic, it was found that the first 50 days of term or the period after the Christmas break, was when universities would see the highest student rate – i.e., the number of students dropping out. 

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