Bare metal vs dedicated servers: which is the better option?

If, when choosing the best web hosting services that offer dedicated servers, you’re trying to get the best performance out of yours, you have to choose between two options: bare metal vs dedicated servers.

Specifically speaking, these are respectively traditional dedicated servers and modern bare metal options. However, what’s the best way to choose, and what elements or factors should you base your choice on? Here, we’ve aimed to clarify the difference between the two, touching on a few common industry myths as we go.  

Both types of server are physical machines, with few differences (Image credit: Image Credit: RAID)

Technically speaking, there’s a lot of similarities between bare metal and dedicated servers. For example, they’re both physical machines, rather than virtualized servers composed of a collection of resources. In actual fact, the ‘bare metal’ name originates from the absence of any virtualization or a hypervisor layer. 

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