Many SMBs still find online collaboration challenging

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced most small and medium-sized businesses (SMB)  online. And yet, almost a year into the “new normal”, many SMBs still find it challenging to collaborate virtually.

According to a new report from GetApp, almost two thirds of UK SMBs (64 percent) have conducted most of their business online since the start of the pandemic.

Despite claiming to be overwhelmingly successful in this endeavor, most still find it a challenge to maintain team and cross-team collaboration, to shift processes online and to train employees to use new software.

Based on a poll of more than 500 business leaders from SMEs, the report states that a pressing issue for organizations going into 2021 will be improving how they acquire and implement new software. “Around a quarter of respondents had faced considerable challenges in both areas,” said GetApp.

For many respondents, the challenges with remote collaboration mostly arose as a result of skills gaps. Looking ahead, most business leaders anticipate needing skilled workers in cybersecurity, website and app development, social media marketing and project management.

Despite success in doing business online, most business leaders don’t expect to hold on to the “new normal” once the pandemic subsides. Many digital deployments that were introduced to tackle the pandemic were designed to be temporary, it was said.

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