Wix vs Squarespace vs Weebly

Choosing the best website builder for your needs can be a long and time-consuming process, largely due to the sheer number of options available. However, it should be quite easy to narrow your choice down to a few specific builders, as there are some that clearly stand out above the competition. 

For example, Wix offers some of the best design flexibility available, Squarespace has extremely attractive website templates, and Weebly comes with a range of powerful eCommerce tools. In the rest of this guide, we compare Wix vs Squarespace vs Weebly to help you determine which of these leading providers is best suited to your needs.

Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are three of the most popular website builders in the world (Image credit: Wix, Weebly, Squarespace)


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