Vodafone offers UK SMBs free broadband

Telecoms giant Vodafone has announced it will offer small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in the UK broadband for free, for an entire year.

The company claims it wants to support SMBs as they move into the second year of the pandemic, and based the move on research that highlighted a heavy reliance on digital channels among small firms.

Vodafone polled 918 small businesses across the UK, with the vast majority (84 percent) having three employees or fewer. More than half (59 percent) were in their first three years of operation.

The company found that the percentage of businesses that moved entirely into the digital realm doubled in the past year, going from 27 to 55 percent. Almost three quarters (71 percent) said they relied “more than ever“ on broadband, while 70 percent believe they could benefit from a dedicated business broadband line.

Armed with these findings, Vodafone has decided to give 12 months free broadband to all small businesses, including existing Vodafone customers. The offer is available on a 36-month plan, which means firms will be charged usual rates after the first year has passed.

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