Unpreparedness forces many businesses to revert back to on-prem

Many companies are unsuccessful in migrating to a hybrid cloud model first time round. This is according to a new report from Virtana, which claims most organizations are forced to bring some applications back into on-prem infrastructure.

Polling 350 IT professionals for the report, Virtana found that 72 percent moved at least one app back on-prem, for various reasons. Some realized apps shouldn’t have been moved in the first place, and others found there were too many issues with public cloud provisioning. Other reasons included the degradation of performance, as well as unexpected cloud costs.

All of this, Virtana concludes, shows the complexity of the challenge businesses face when trying to digitally transform their operations. Organizations aren’t sure which apps to migrate, don’t have the proper visibility into app dependencies and don’t fully understand how their workloads will behave in the cloud.

The good news is that businesses are not losing motivation; many are as committed to digital transformation as ever, with more than two thirds having already migrated at least a quarter of their applications to the public cloud. Meanwhile, almost four fifths are investing in public cloud at an accelerated pace and are using at least two public cloud providers.

“In the drive to implement cloud-first, or cloud only strategies, many are stumbling over migrations and have had to repatriate applications back on-premises,” said Paul Bevan, Research Director of IT Infrastructure for Bloor Research.

“Even cloud-native organizations are now having to focus on getting their multi-cloud strategy optimized. However we look at it, the cloud comes with its own challenges for everyone. Taking a ‘know before you go’ approach to the cloud is really a fundamental underpinning to a successful cloud implementation.”

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