UK & EU Hosting: Best Hosting Providers With Data Centers in Europe

When you’re choosing a hosting provider, having data centers close by is highly recommended. The location of servers can determine how well your website performs. 

If your customer base lives in the EU or UK, it’s wise to go with hosting services with data centers in Europe. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available at your disposal.

Read on to find out more about hosting in Europe and the top providers with data centers in the EU and UK regions. 

Benefits of hosting a website in Europe

Let’s look at the advantages of hosting a website in Europe:

No matter where your customers are, you want to be able to reach them quickly. One way to ensure that is by choosing a hosting service with a data center close to your audience. 

The closer it is, the faster data can transfer between your server and your visitors’ browsers. As a result, your web pages will have a faster loading speed. 

In turn, your website will provide better user experience, making your visitors more likely to stick around. Plus, it can rank higher on search results pages. 

Data center location isn’t a significant ranking factor, but it can help search engines determine which local SERPs your website should appear on. If your IP address points to a location in Europe, users in the region will most likely find your web pages. This goes as far as city-based searches.

Since May 2018, all websites that target EU audiences have to abide by GDPR, or EU’s data protection laws. Otherwise, you can face non-compliance penalties. 

Luckily, top hosting services in Europe uphold these regulations. Although hosting in the EU doesn’t automatically make your website GDPR-compliant, it can further ensure that your customers’ personal data is protected.

7 best UK & EU hosting providers

  • 1. Bluehost – We always found Bluehost to be one of the best hosting providers in general, and since they have a presence in the UK, it’s only natural to put them on our list.
  • 2. Hostinger – Hostinger is a very affordable choice, since their pricing starts at less than $1.
  • 3. Tsohost – Tsohost is a good pick for UK users, especially if they use WordPress, as the provider has some powerful WordPress plans.
  • 4. Hostwinds – Hostwinds has a huge range of quality making them a good choice for almost any kind of hosting.
  • 5. LiquidWeb – LiquidWeb offers top-notch quality and with its advanced features, it is more suited for more professional users.
  • 6. GoDaddy – GoDaddy is a web hosting giant with a wide range of products and great quality support.
  • 7. Wix – Wix isn’t a true web hosting provider, but it’s one of the best website builders out there, and if that’s something you need, they’ll make a great choice.


Even when you know everything there is to know about web hosting, choosing the right provider for yourself can be tricky. Luckily, all of the providers we mentioned have servers in Europe and are very capable. Several providers have a wide range of products so depending on your needs (for instance, maybe you need WordPress or VPS hosting), some might be more suited for you than the other. In any case, you can hardly go wrong no matter what you choose. So, take your pick and enjoy your new provider.

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