UK customers want more ways to contact businesses

The pandemic has made British consumers think differently about the way they communicate with their favorite brands and businesses. According to a new report from Twilio, most businesses don’t use their customers’ preferred channels of communication.

The company polled 2,000 British consumers for the report and found that just a fifth said businesses considered the best at communication actually used their preferred channel, and a third said they’d love more ways to reach out.

The pandemic was cited as the main accelerator of digital transformation, and the reason many businesses have introduced new communications methods in recent months.

Once the pandemic subsides, consumers expect this level of service to be maintained. As a matter of fact, three quarters of those who used digital channels for the first time during the pandemic plan to continue doing so after the “old normal” has resumed.

The report also claims that some businesses may have overdone it with digitalization and automation. More than a quarter (27 percent) of consumers would prefer less automated communication, highlighting the importance of human interaction. Businesses need to balance the automation of simple tasks and the need to keep communication humane and empathetic.

Having a diverse set of communication options may be important, but it’s not the only consideration important to consumers. Respondents also highlighted the importance of being able to pick up conversations where they left off.

Currently, just 11 percent of consumers feel they can pick up a query at any time, through any method of communication, and even fewer (10 percent) feel they can do so without needing to re-explain their entire problem every time.

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