UK businesses plan to boost productivity in bid to survive the pandemic

In order to survive the pandemic, organizations need to deliver cost savings and greater profits. This is something they believe can be achieved through increased workforce productivity and the elimination of various legacy business practices.

According to a new report from business technology solutions provider Brother UK, organizations are ready to invest in digital infrastructure to make that happen. Polling 500 IT decision makers, Brother found that four in five were striving to improve productivity, with the IT budgets for the next year rising by 13 percent on average.

Businesses are looking to acquire new hardware (printers, tablets etc.) and add collaboration software to the mix (project management platforms, video conferencing, remote working tools and more).

At the same time, they’re also looking how to cut down on excessive meetings and poor IT infrastructure, two of the biggest barriers today’s organizations face.

According to Brother, an average business with 250 employees can save almost 52,000 hours of employee time every year by updating their IT operations.

“Investing in reliable hardware and devices, such as printers, is an important starting point, coupled with other easy updates, such as making sure all infrastructure is properly secured and opting for software solutions that support remote working and end-to-end workflows,” said Andy Johnson, Head of Product and Solutions Management at Brother UK.

Productivity is all about working smarter, and together these smaller investments can deliver a big gain for businesses,” he added.

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