Trend Micro 2020 Antivirus solutions review

Trend Micro is a multinational cybersecurity company that has been developing capable antivirus products since 1988. Its 2020 range includes Antivirus+ Security, Internet Security, and Maximum Security.

The great thing about the Trend Micro 2020 collection is that all the solutions are available as free downloads and you can put them to the test during the 30 days after the installation. You don’t even need to leave your email address or any financial details.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security 

As the provider’s starter antivirus solution, Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security is a Windows-only single-device product. In addition to basic antivirus and anti-phishing protection and the industry-standard URL filtering capabilities, it also equips your device with Trend Micro Pay Guard, creating an extra layer of security between hackers and your banking transactions inside your default browser.

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Antivirus+ Security does its job quietly and seamlessly, although it will hog more of your device’s resources than some. However, this will only slightly affect your device’s performance.

Users can run several types of scans (although not at the same time) – full, quick, or custom where you select which folders or drives need to be checked. Scans of specific items can be triggered by right-clicking on them and choosing this option in the menu. That said, the scans are a bit slower than average.

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One of the additional features is the Folder Shield, which watches over your Documents, Pictures, One Drive folder, connected USB drives, or other locations you choose, to protect them against ransomware. It will trigger an alert each time there’s an attempt to modify the files in these folders by trusted processes.

Furthermore, the browser extensions have a useful social networking protection feature that analyses the links on social networking sites and informs you if they’re risky, in addition to the usual automatic URL checks before any of the links are clicked. The URL filtering feature can be customized for the various levels of blocking rigorousness. 

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There’s also a spam filter that works with Outlook. It’s disabled by default and you’ll have to go through the small Settings button on the interface and enable it there. Do note that it often delivers false positives. The product also has a fun little extra – you can customize the interface by adding a background image.

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