The best online security suite of 2020

In this day and age when crime has spread into the technological sphere and has been active there for quite some time, your devices’ online security should never be taken lightly. There are some truly outstanding basic antivirus solutions that will keep your individual devices safe but sometimes the best approach is ‘one suite to rule them all’ – yours and your family’s desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

In addition to protecting multiple devices at the same time, these bundles often have other perks that make them attractive as your go-to comprehensive security systems. Depending on the provider, they may include a virtual private network (VPN), password manager, firewall, file vault, webcam protection, parental controls, rescue disk feature, and other extras. Regardless, opting for an online security suite will surely get you more than basic functionality.

One of the best things about it is that you only need to pay for one plan – no hassle and juggling with all the different devices, subscriptions and accounts.

Image Source: Bitdefender (Image credit: Bitdefender)

1. Bitdefender Total Security

Outstanding online security suite for all of your security requirements

Operating system: Windows and Mac, Android, iOS | Maximum devices covered: 5 | Stand out features: Web protection module, spam filter, ransomware protection, Wi-Fi security advisor, online banking protection, parental controls, password management, file shredder

Ultimate browsing protection 

Risk-free 30-day free trial 

Extensive feature set 

Might take toll on resources 

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