Software testing becoming a key part of digital transformation

Software testing is no longer a “backroom discipline”, but rather a key part of digital transformation, according to a new report released jointly by Capgemini, Sogeti and Micro Focus.

The World Quality Report, now in its 12th edition, states that most organizations choose to test more frequently as it improves business growth and outcomes.

Businesses are increasingly adopting Agile and DevOps approaches, the report further claims, with the growth trend entering its third year. Test automation, via Agile and DevOps, is also growing as it allows organizations to find and prevent defects early in the software delivery process.

However, Quality Assurance (QA) teams still don’t have the desired level of expertise – and that remains one of the main challenges of digital transformation.

Businesses are also increasingly turning towards artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Almost nine in ten (88 percent) see AI as their strongest growth area for testing, while 86 percent see AI as a key criterion for choosing new QA solutions. The widening skill gap still remains the main challenge to adopting these practices, a third (34 percent) of respondents claim.

The report concludes that there is optimism in the testing automation area, even though it may be a little misplaced. More than two thirds (68 percent) said they have the necessary tools to run it, with 63 percent saying they now have enough time to automate the tests. However, just above a third (37 percent) feel they see a solid return on investment.

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