Rapid digital transformation has created extreme IT complexity

Digital transformation is occurring three times faster than before the pandemic, but IT complexity is increasing as a result. This is according to a new report from Cisco AppDynamics, which argues that technologists are finding it increasingly difficult to cut through IT noise as a result of accelerated transformation.

There are multiple factors that contribute to IT complexity, the report states, with a new set of priorities and challenges (80 percent), technology sprawl and a patchwork of legacy and cloud technologies (78 percent) and the acceleration to cloud computing (77 percent) the most significant. The report also found that multiple, disconnected monitoring solutions are making matters worse (for 74 percent of respondents).

The report further states that with rising IT complexity comes an increasing amount of data. This data is generated by applications, infrastructure, networks and security solutions, making identifying root causes of performance issues a significant challenge.

Technologists are not just worried about performance issues, though. They also want to make sure their IT stack helps their organization achieve better business outcomes.

Almost three quarters worry that not being able to link IT performance with business outcomes may be detrimental to their business this year.

“Full-stack observability is the only way technologists can deal with the sprawling IT estate and increased complexity created by such rapid rates of innovation. But on its own, it’s just not enough,” said Linda Tong, VP and GM at Cisco AppDynamics.

“Technologists have recognized that without business context, they will quickly find themselves drowning in complexity and data noise.”

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