Protecting data when it is most vulnerable

Most organizations understand need to protect data against cyber-attacks and data breaches by using encryption. Unfortunately, even the most well-informed and well-intentioned fail to encrypt their data when and where it is most vulnerable. Too often, they are not getting the protection they think they are when implementing full disk encryption or when told by email hosts, cloud storage and communication service providers that their data is encrypted and secure.

Encryption is not a single technology, tool, or solution. Many products are designed for certain tasks and data types, but an effective implementation of encryption needs to protect data when it is most vulnerable. The most well-known forms of encryption are those protecting volumes of files when they are stored and entirely dormant. But data is most vulnerable and valuable when it’s accessible, in transit, or in use. That’s precisely when volume-level encryption tools lose any and all effectiveness or utility.

Data at rest vs. data in transit vs. data in use

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