Pandemic exposes significant ITSM weaknesses

ITSM teams are experiencing a surge of problems brought about by the pandemic, new research from ITSM optimization firm DeepCoding reveals.

According to data gathered from over 400 companies worldwide, ticket volumes, budget cuts, and technician absenteeism levels rose during the Covid-19 pandemic, causing customer satisfaction levels to take a nosedive. 

As a result of the transition to a work from home business model, monthly ticket volumes for connectivity issues and VPN problems have increased by 35 percent. This translates to significant corporate risk for organizations with a large workforce. 

The data further reveals a 30 percent increase in service desk costs per ticket, which went from an average of $20.44 to $26.51/ticket. Together, these factors have caused a ten percent drop in customer satisfaction. 

Amid all these challenges, artificial intelligence (AI) deployment has helped a number of ITSM organizations reduce ticket volumes, cost and resolution times, while also enhancing customer experience, the report claims.

“Our analysis indicates that the COVID pandemic has been detrimental to the ITSM sector which has witnessed a significant rise in costs and a corresponding decline in the quality of service. In this climate, corporates cannot afford to deploy the ostrich technique,” said Sebastien Adjiman, DeepCoding Founder and CEO.

“This is a business critical issue and one where a swift and cost effective solution is required to improve standards and scalability whilst reducing cost per ticket.”

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