Nearly all UK firms see hybrid cloud as critical to pandemic recovery

Almost all businesses in the UK agree that hybrid cloud will play a central role in helping firms to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. This is according to a new report from technology services company NTT.

The company polled 950 decision-makers in 13 countries around the world, including 115 respondents from the UK and Ireland, and found that approximately 95 percent of them were either already using hybrid cloud or planning to do so.

The benefits of hybrid cloud are many, but a more efficient total cost of IT operations has been described as the biggest business driver, together with improved agility. Further, the report claims, using hybrid cloud makes businesses deploy applications and services faster, rendering them more operationally efficient.

But implementing a hybrid cloud solution isn’t a simple task. Security and compliance, as well as implementation complexities, remain the largest barriers to adoption.

Further, the ever-present skills shortage and poor network performance are also hindering adoption and could even “undo the benefits” of hybrid cloud, if not properly addressed.

NTT suggests businesses should partner with managed cloud providers and similar experts to make the process as painless as possible.

“As businesses look to navigate the new year, they must look to hybrid cloud environments that are optimized for agility, security and supported by the right network architecture while also meeting compliance requirements,” said Rob Lopez, Executive Vice President, Intelligent Infrastructure at NTT.

“This is the foundation upon which cloud is successful and will enable businesses to weather any form of disruption that comes their way.”

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