More sensitive data is moving to the cloud than ever

Confidence in the security of cloud-based data solutions is growing, as more and more organizations decide to move sensitive data off-premises.

This is according to a new report from Trustwave, based on a poll of 966 IT pros, which states that 96 percent plan to move sensitive data to the cloud over the next two years. What’s more, more than half (52 percent) will move “highly sensitive” data off-premises as well.

Despite the increase in confidence, however, businesses are yet to go “all-in” on cloud, with hybrid the preferred approach for the time being. Of those surveyed, the majority (55 percent) uses both on-premises and public cloud to store data, while less than a fifth (17 percent) are using cloud only.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, government organizations still store most of their data on-premises. Among those that use cloud, most deal with multiple providers, with some (12 percent) using as many as five.

There is a discrepancy when it comes to how businesses perceive security threats, however. While most respondents said they fear ransomware attacks, a greater proportion of phishing and social engineering attacks are incurred.

In order to improve their cybersecurity posture and ensure the safety of their data, both at rest and in motion, businesses should strive towards complete visibility, added Arthur Wong, CEO at Trustwave.

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