More people than ever now have security jobs in the UK

With lockdowns forcing people to spend more time online than ever, cybersecurity has taken on even greater importance and the industry has grown significantly as a result.

According to a report from the UK government, the number of businesses operating in the cybersecurity field grew by 21 percent last year. In total, there are now 1,483 security-focused companies operating in the country, which collectively generated 3,800 new full time jobs.

As of December 2020, the report states, a total of 46,683 people were employed in the cybersecurity industry, nine percent more than before the pandemic.

The UK cybersecurity sector is now worth an estimated $12.45 billion, with record sums funnelled into the industry last year. The government says a total of 73 security-related investment deals were closed in 2020, with an aggregate value of more than double the 2019 figure.

The report also hints that cybersecurity organizations are moving away from London and into the northern parts of the country. Scotland, Northern Ireland and North West England have all become “cybersecurity clusters”, it was said.

In most cases, these businesses offer cyber professional services, threat intelligence, monitoring, detection and analysis. There was also significant growth among organizations offering solutions for industrial control systems and IoT security.

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