Misalignment between internal departments is hindering transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has forced organizations to better align IT operations with business strategies. However, despite greater strategy alignment, there is still some disconnect between the two departments.

This is according to a new report from technology services provider NTT, based on a survey of 1,350 organizations, which states that while the majority of operations teams think having a technology strategy that would drive business efficiency is crucial, less than half of IT teams agree.

At the same time, most operations teams see speed and agility as key components of a technology strategy, something just half of IT teams believe.

There are also discrepancies in the way different teams perceive organizational resilience. While some see cost optimization as the best way to go, others would rather scale by investing in new tech.

Further, if an organization has most of its IT managed by third parties, it’s more likely to pivot its focus to tech. The exact opposite is true of organizations that have little to none of their IT managed by a third party.

These are challenging times, NTT concludes, with businesses required to step a fine line between balancing current needs and modernizing processes to capture opportunities.

“While not all organizations view disruption as an opportunity, one-third have adjusted course because they see a chance to do things better and take advantage; particularly in relation to enabling a more distributed workforce and innovative technologies,” said Damian Skendrovic, Executive Vice President at NTT Ltd.

“Bold and brave businesses are approaching resilience in a new and innovative light; and trusted technology partners are helping them achieve this.”

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