Microsoft wants to help create 1.5m technology jobs in the UK

Microsoft believes that, through education and training, the UK could have 1.5 million people build a career in the tech industry within half a decade, with another 300,000 leaning on the industry.

The company has kicked off a new campaign, called Get Go 2021, to ensure this goal is achieved. The initiative has been set up with the goal of training people who are currently in education, those new to tech and those whose jobs have been affected by the economic/Covid-19 crisis.

But Get Go 2021 is not just for people new to the tech industry – it is also for current workers as well, as the campaign promises to advance their skills, as well as help leaders who need to embrace new business models and deploy new technology.

Through the scheme, Microsoft hopes to narrow the talent gap in the industry, accelerate technology adoption and drive UK productivity. It also believes it can enhance competitiveness in the country by enabling access to tech careers and opening new talent lanes, which could be worth more than $62 billion.

Microsoft says it can leverage LinkedIn data to “anticipate the need” for more than three million skilled people in UK technology careers over the next five years. 

KPMG, Unilever and the Department of Work and Pensions are already supporting the campaign and Microsoft is calling on other UK businesses to join them.

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