Many skilled technologists would consider taking a job at a start-up

Most technology professionals would consider working at a start-up instead of an established organization. This is according to a new report from Talent Works, which claims that factors such as opportunity for growth and the ability to work with the latest tech are major motivators.

Polling technology staff in the UK, Talent Works found that almost three quarters would take on a job with a start-up, although men (63 percent) are more likely to leave an established company than women (49 percent).

Besides the opportunity to grow, respondents also said they would prefer to work at a start-up because it allows them to be more involved with the company. Flexible remote working options were also important for men aged 35 or younger, while women prioritized diversity and inclusion.

“Candidates are driven by the opportunity to join a company with innovative technology and incredible opportunities for professional growth, but start-ups need to make themselves seen to take advantage of the talent pool over bigger players,” said Neil Purcell, CEO at Talent Works.

While using a recruiter is still one of the most popular options when looking for a new job opportunity, tech pros don’t shy away from using their own networks, job boards or social media. Those aged 35 or younger were twice as likely to use social media to find a job, compared to their older colleagues, it was said.

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