Many employees still think their company is behind on digital

Most workers believe their organization is lagging behind when it comes to the digital capabilities to support knowledge work. This is according to a new report from knowledge work platform iManage, which claims that just 23 percent of organizations are ahead of the curve.

The company argues this is a major issue, given that knowledge workers (of which there are circa one billion worldwide) often drive workplace innovation by applying their ideas and skills.

Of the 1,068 knowledge workers polled for the report, most (68 percent) believe the information found in digital files is vital to their business, with contracts, emails and spreadsheets of paramount importance. Once the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, the respondents added, knowledge work will be even more important.

For this reason, almost half (47 percent) of the survey’s respondents said their top goal for the short term is improving employee productivity and collaboration. That includes, among other things, getting rid of silos and making sure the documents aren’t scattered around the organization. At the moment, in an average organization, documents are reaching databases through at least five channels.

It’s not just about data being siloed – it’s also about valuable intel slipping through the cracks. It happens all the time, and with the amount of information created growing at an unprecedented rate, the problem will only worsen.

A recent IDC report claims the amount of data created in the next three years will exceed the amount created in the past 30 years.

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