Many CTOs aren’t using project management frameworks

Project management frameworks, despite being commonplace across most organizations, are not being used by more than a quarter of Chief Technology Officers (27 percent), a new report from STX Next states.

However, the authors of the report don’t necessarily view this in a negative light. Commenting on the findings, Maciej Dziergwa, CEO of STX Next, claimed this is more indicative of company size than anything else and that smaller businesses can often function well with just a software development framework in place.

“The picture is often very different at smaller companies, with projects generally being much smaller in scale. For this reason, software development frameworks often cover all the bases for CTOs at these organizations,” he said.

The report does state, however, that project management frameworks are “more or less essential” to the effective functioning of an IT team, regardless of company size. 

“It’s important to note that neither type of framework is designed to replace the other. When a project management framework is implemented, it can sit on top of a software development framework and the two can work in tandem with one another,” Dziergwa concluded. 

According to STX Next, IT teams should “by all means” have software development frameworks in place, but CTOs should assess their own requirements.

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