IT teams need to work closer together than ever before

Businesses whose IT teams communicate better, especially during turbulent periods, perform far better than those that struggle to collaborate internally.

This is according to a new report from SolarWinds, which claims IT teams need to work closer than ever before if they are to help their organizations move through the pandemic.

According to the report, businesses are faced with “new levels of complexity”, driven by an overall lack of integration between security and operations teams, poor communications, non-standardized systems, accelerated development lifecycles and non collaborative teams and processes.

Polling businesses in the hospitality, finance, manufacturing and government sectors, SolarWinds found that multi-clouds, workloads and application environments are all changing the way security and operations teams need to cooperate.

Both teams share the same concerns, it was said, including risk and workflow, which can help with alignment but doesn’t necessarily make for excellent communication.

“We are in an ultra-hybrid world with multi-everything, and in order to successfully navigate this landscape, ITOps, DevOps, and SecOps teams need to more closely align,” said Tim Brown, VP Security at SolarWinds.

“As this study showed us, the challenges these teams face are across all verticals. We’re all trying to do more and push our IT infrastructure to its limits, and cybersecurity can’t be an afterthought. When we work together, things move more quickly and more efficiently. And we need to simply understand that we share a lot of the same priorities and we’re not as different as we really think.”

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