EU businesses will prioritize IT flexibility in 2021

Most businesses in the European Union (EU) will look to be more flexible when purchasing software this year, allowing them to better navigate the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic.

This is according to a new report from 3StepIT, based on a poll of 1,000 IT decision-makers, which states that mobility still remains a major IT priority, especially with Covid-19 being a persistent threat.

In practice, achieving flexibility means being able to easily replace assets when choosing new software, in line with shifting circumstances.

Businesses with a more flexible approach to buying software were better at navigating the pandemic, the report further stated, claiming that 89 percent of companies that finance assets were able to make swift IT investment early last year. This enabled their employees to quickly move into a remote working environment.

The need for agile solutions will “dominate” IT purchasing strategies this year, 3StepIT claims, adding that 43 percent of respondents made changes to their IT infrastructure to reflect the new business environment.

“For many companies, the cost of shifting to mobile working required significant capital outlay, at a time when businesses are under unprecedented financial pressure. This traditional cash ownership model places a huge burden on businesses and is a fundamental block to better performance,” said Carmen Ene, CEO at 3stepIT.

“Cash ownership for IT assets just doesn’t make good business sense, especially when we know the many benefits that technology offers – productivity, creativity, collaboration – are achieved through access, not ownership. By prioritizing access and flexibility businesses kick start a process of IT management that lowers the total cost of ownership, accelerates digital transformation, and offers greater flexibility, ultimately ensuring that employees have the right technology in place to drive growth.”

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