Enterprise IT leaders ‘aggressive’ about shift to the cloud

IT leaders worldwide are “aggressively” moving legacy infrastructure into the cloud, eager to achieve the business, technical and financial benefits of the shift.

This is according to a new report from specialist SAP technology consultancy Lemongrass, which claims the move could be “rough” if organizations don’t put the proper measures in place.

Polling roughly 150 IT directors for the report, Lemongrass found that the majority (77 percent) want to migrate to secure their data, maintain data access and save a little money in the process. They are also interested in optimizing storage resources, as well as speeding up their organization’s digital transformation efforts.

Among all the different elements that can be moved to the cloud, most respondents (78 percent) said they will be moving IT management systems, security solutions and ecommerce.

But cloud migration is not without its challenges, and businesses should plan accordingly, the report further states. Security and compliance are still considered the main challenges for the majority of organizations (59 percent), followed by the time needed to complete the migration, the rising costs and the lack of properly skilled workers.

Drilling deeper into the costs, Lemongrass found that the migration usually costs between $100,000 and $250,000 and, for the majority of IT directors, these projects rarely come in under budget.

As for the necessary skills, they’re mostly looking for people with data integration experience, knowledge of a specific cloud solution, as well as previous migration experience. Given the difficulty of finding these workers, migrations usually take at least seven months to complete.

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