Email-based scams pose the greatest threat to business data

The quantity of cyberthreats businesses have started facing since the pandemic kicked off has increased significantly. Among all the different types of threats they are facing, email-based scams appear to be the most prevalent. 

This is according to a new report from Mactavish, a company specializing in outsourced insurance buyer and claims resolution. Polling 218 business owners and managers for the report, Mactavish found that email-based attacks make up 56 percent of all threats businesses face today.

All the other threats listed – malware, data theft, insider attacks and ransomware – account for 59 percent, combined.

The pandemic has forced most organizations to send their employees home, away from the relative safety of the corporate network and IT department. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of that fact, preying on unskilled remote workers, many of whom are under pressure and overworked.

The simplest access route to remote employees is via email. Criminals often impersonate companies or public organizations in a bid to trick unsuspecting victims into clicking a link in an email or downloading an attachment.

Cybersecurity experts are warning organizations to invest more in employee training, in order to shield corporate data.

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