Eight essential tech upgrades enterprises must consider for improved productivity

Technological advancements keep changing the face of today’s fast-changing business environment. Nothing can stop this. Take the Covid-19 pandemic, for instance; if nothing else, it ended up boosting the use of technology to keep businesses going.  As per Harris Poll, companies today lose upward of $300 billion a year paying down “technical debt,” as developers pour time into maintaining legacy systems or dealing with the ramifications of bad and old legacy software. 

First, it is essential to understand why this need arises in the first place. Legacy software is expensive and requires modernization very frequently. You will definitely require tech upgrades as your business keeps growing. 

Your current tech is working for you now, so what’s wrong with sticking to the status quo? Well, nothing… for now, but nothing lasts forever. While your current technology is satisfying your business requirements now, it may just become redundant in the future. 

So if you want to explore tech upgrades that your enterprise definitely needs, here are 8 of them! Keep reading this blog post to learn more! 

1. Automation 

Automation of workflow and business processes are crucial tech upgrades that businesses should adopt, especially in this day and age where time is money and has to be used wisely. 

Using a no-code platform like Quixy for automation, the redundant and repetitive tasks could be looked after automatically. Employees can manually engage in more critical matters concerning the business, enabling it to grow and develop further. 

The benefits of automation include: 

  •  It is inexpensive and assists you in the long run 
  •  You will not be overburdening your workers 
  •  Your company can achieve more with the time and resources available to them  

 2. Modernize your systems 

It is important to keep various aspects of your business such as its website design, its applications, and even its processes modernized. You need to keep up with the dynamic business environment in order to stay relevant in it. 

From the point of view of customers: a company’s website conveys a whole lot of information and builds the impression of the company in the mind of the customer. Keeping it new-age instead of outdated, for a computer as well as an optimization on a mobile, will ensure that your customers do not leave after the first glance. 

For a company’s applications and other processes: enterprises should engage in the tech upgrades that bring together a suite of solutions so as to streamline everything. It’s always better to do this by choosing the right applications quickly but carefully to ensure that multiple tasks are managed on one dashboard. 

SEO: The key to achieving success on the internet is cracking the visibility on the search engine i.e. search engine optimization (SEO). Ranking high in search results essentially implies more visitors who could be potential customers clicking on your website. This should be done to keep your systems modernized consistently.

3. High-quality infrastructure

You can consistently upgrade your software systems but if your employees’ equipment is old and outdated, your business goals do have a chance of being undermined. 

Meeting new-age enterprise demands with old school workstations is likely to have an effect on productivity. Old hardware is the bane of an employee’s existence. It will waste their time, money and test their patience. 

Moreover, this needs to be standardized so that:

  • IT will be satisfied with maintenance, upgrades, and changes
  • All employees will be empowered with high-performance tech infrastructure so there is an equal opportunity to work well 

4. Better internal communication

Internal communication sure took a hit after the pandemic with everybody having to communicate and coordinate with each other while working from home. Texting is great, it’s intuitive and quick but is it sustainable in the long run? 

The confusion and insecurity of texting make it unsuitable for the modern workplace in the digital era. The last thing you need is for basic communication to become taxing and frustrating. 

The solution to this? Keeping all your communication in one area. 

One of the tech upgrades your enterprise needs is to use a specialized tool for your teams to utilize in order to ensure a cohesive and teamwork-inducing virtual environment. 

After revitalizing your technology and giving the employees time to get the hang of it, there will be a boost in their overall productivity.

5. Invest in security

Security is of grave importance at a company; unfortunately, a lot of companies do not understand the gravity of the situation until cyber thieves have a field day. 

Here is why security should be treated with utmost importance:

  • Customer and business data is not something a company can afford to take lightly, quite literally, the legal penalties and fines for data breaches is a serious amount. 
  • Data breaches are not tolerated by communities in today’s business environment. 
  • Failure to maintain security can turn into a PR nightmare overnight. 

One of the tech upgrades that is, therefore, extremely important to incorporate into your enterprise is investing in a good and powerful cybersecurity system. 

Not taking this lightly and finding the right protection for your company to safeguard your assets will help secure your company from hackers. Don’t neglect this and wait to become a victim, invest now. Precaution is better than cure. 

6. Fast internet 

It is actually ludicrous how many companies simply accept snail-speed internet and dead spots in particular areas of an office. The internet speed has consequences, not only on the employees but on the clients, potential clients, job applicants, and anybody who engages with the company. 

Think about a lag on Zoom during an important client call. What kind of impression would that have on the client? Think about an urgent requirement that is just not getting uploaded on wetransfer. What kind of impact would that have on the employee? Downloads that take forever, slow links; this just leads to frustration of everybody concerned. 

Fast internet has got to be the most underrated and undervalued tech upgrade in businesses today; when the harsh truth is that this is simply not the day and age to have slow internet. If your internet is unreliable, your company is unreliable.

The Covid-19 pandemic really brought out a massive change in the ways of working. The game was completely changed with “work from home” coming into the picture. 

Tech upgrades made it possible for employees to continue working with minimal physical contact. Technological advancements and leveraging new innovative ways of working brought colleagues and the community together in both B2B and B2C areas of business. 

At this time, it is highly relevant to have a system in place for contactless collaboration and productive working of employees to keep your company secure and ahead of the curve.

8. Centralize collaboration efforts with the cloud

Is data sharing and colleague coordination simple or a hassle for your employees? How many actions does it require to receive important data? The smoothness of your company’s collaboration efforts reflects on its work. 

Think about it this way. An employee is trying to retrieve a client’s essential data. This takes an unnecessary amount of steps. The client is forced to wait as your employee locates their data. Is this acceptable? 

Therefore, one of the essential tech upgrades in this list is to allow your company to migrate your sharing platforms into a centralized location based on the cloud. This will keep everything in one place and not upset your clients. 

Moreover, this also reduces the maintenance costs of small companies and creates better access for e-commerce. 

Some advantages of cloud software services include: 

  • Minimizing IT requirements 
  • Replacing physical storage 
  • Customization of access and/or permission controls 
  • Data back-ups
  • Convenient access to files at any time using any device 


In the end, it is always sensible to invest wisely in what can create and deliver value for your enterprise and your customers. The goal is always to strengthen your business and not wait for anything to become obsolete and get left behind. 

We hope you gained some value from this blog post about the tech upgrades that your business should hop on as soon as possible to keep growing in and competing in their industries. Change is the only constant; do not be afraid of it, embrace it.

Vivek Goel, Vice President, Quixy

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