Companies are failing to meet their digital potential

If businesses are to thrive, they will need to become Autonomous Digital Enterprises (ADEs), a new report from software solutions provider BMC suggests. However, at the moment, most businesses are a long way from fulfilling their digital potential.

Polling 1,200 business and IT decision-makers, across more than 20 industries and 11 countries, BMC found that businesses practice about two-fifths of what is needed to function as an ADE, on average.

While all operating models and technology tenets of an ADE are currently practiced by respondents, BMC claims investment is disproportionate, funnelled primarily into a small handful of areas: becoming data-driven, optimized technology buying and digital business domains.

The report further states that, while businesses may be headed in the right direction, progress is relatively slow. BMC expects its Global ADE Index to increase from the current 39.3 percent to 46.1 percent in the next two years, with businesses investing “more heavily” in enterprise technology solutions that increase digital competitiveness.

While they will continue investing in becoming data-driven businesses, they’ll also focus more on adaptive cybersecurity and a transcendent customer experience in the years ahead. 

“This research shows that areas like security are an investment priority and the ability to measure oneself against peers can be advantageous to an enterprise’s deliberate integration of what’s needed to adapt and compete,” said Carl Lehmann, Senior Research Analyst at 451 Research.

For Ram Chakravarti, Chief Technology Officer at BMC, the research shows businesses just “scratching the surface” of their digital potential.

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