Businesses woefully under-prepared for ‘work anywhere’ model

Businesses across Europe are woefully under-prepared for the ‘work anywhere’ model, a new report from technology and accessories provider Targus suggests.

Polling 4,000 office workers in the UK, Germany, and France, the company found that businesses are failing to equip staff with all the necessary tools to enable them to work productively and sustainably from home.

These tools include a desk and a chair, a computer and other technology (printers, scanners, mobile devices, audio/video hardware, etc.), as well as a stable internet connection and secure collaboration and communications software.

Many employees across the UK and Europe are keen to get back to the office. However, an option to work remotely and in a flexible manner is now considered a must have. Staff also want improved cleaning protocols and Covid-19 security.

Ultra-quiet desk areas for solo work, more meeting rooms with better AV equipment, and more social spaces were all listed as desirables.

“We all know how important it is to have the correct desk set up and proper equipment when we are in the office so it’s surprising to see employers are not providing the same level of support to staff working remotely – even a year into the Covid-19 lockdown and social restrictions,” said Marcus Harvey, Director of B2B EMEA at Targus.

“This isn’t a short-term situation and employees expect to continue to be flexible with their working location. Standard items such as a wireless keyboard or laptop stand to position the screen at the correct level can make a significant impact to productivity and wellbeing. We might even get to a point where this type of support becomes a dealbreaker in job negotiations,” he concluded.

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