Businesses prepare to rid themselves of legacy software in 2021

Most organizations turned to new software and applications last year, as they sought to minimize the effects of the pandemic on day-to-day operations.

According to a new report from GetApp, the strategy appears to have paid off, as almost all businesses (91 percent) reported being satisfied with last year’s technology purchases. For almost three quarters (74 percent), new technologies helped them push through the pandemic.

However, despite the vaccine rollout gathering pace, the “old normal” is unlikely to resume any time soon. Businesses are clearly aware of that fact, as almost a third (31 percent) intend to replace legacy software systems this year.

Polling more than 500 senior decision-makers in the UK, GetApp also found a quarter (25 percent) had a “very positive” experience with new technology, with half (49 percent) saying it has been “somewhat positive”.

The report also states that sales and promotion will become key tech priorities this year (71 percent), followed by service delivery (57 percent) and logistics and supply chain (45 percent).

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced most businesses to adopt a remote working model, with collaboration and communication software playing a key role in preserving business continuity.

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