Businesses are facing security pressure like never before

More than four in five organizations have suffered data loss or a similar cybersecurity incident in the last 12 months, showing the mounting pressure businesses are facing.

A new report from BT Security, based on a poll of more than 7,000 business leaders, employees and consumers all over the world, found that among the reasons for the increase in data breaches is complacency – more than three quarters (76 percent) of business executives have rated their organization’s security posture as “excellent”.

Another important reason is the fact that less than half received training on data security, while just a third were aware of data security policies and procedures. This, BT Security claims, resulted in a “number of concerning behavioral trends”, including almost half of employees not reporting a cyber-incident at work. Some employees gave their credentials to their co-workers.

BT Security further stated that all of this means Chief Information Security Officers have never had their hands fuller. 

Nowadays, they’re no longer tasked with just protecting against threats and managing risk, they also need to handle brand perception, employee engagement and the strategic adoption of new technologies. 

However, it seems as CISOs didn’t get the memo – less than half of executives and employees could name their CISO, or could confirm that they actively communicate with the rest of the organization.

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