Brexit confusion playing havoc with key IT update schedules

As a result of confusion surrounding Brexit, the IT systems of suppliers in the UK face serious disruption.

According to a report from The Telegraph, due to the fact that it is still not clear whether or not there will be a no-deal Brexit, suppliers are unsure about crucial updates to their IT systems.

Speaking to the publication, Steve Barlett, chairman of the Association of Freight Software Suppliers, said they still don’t know which tariff system to load onto their systems, causing mass confusion.

The Business Application Software Developers Association further added that all deadlines have been broken and that it is now impossible to develop, deliver and implement crucial systems by the start of January.

Ongoing Brexit uncertainty, paired with the Covid-19 pandemic, PPE imports clogging docking space and a large number of employees calling in sick, is said to have created a “perfect storm” of problems. Companies are now stocking up “like never before”.

At the same time, government representatives are saying IT systems migration is well within schedule. The Telegraph cited a spokesperson for the government who claims work with key delivery partners is ongoing, as everyone prepares to end the transition period. At the end of the transition period, however, suppliers fear an even bigger mess.

Allie Renison of the Institute of Directors is asking for the government to introduce a phased approach to any new trade requirements, similar to that which Northern Ireland gave its supermarkets, which were given a six-month grace period to adapt their systems.

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