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An email client? But why would you need one? As more and more businesses seem to be migrating to the cloud, you might wonder whether setting up a software application to receive emails on your desktop is even worth it. Well, to many people, it may not be. However, as any security-conscious business owner might tell you, web-based and cloud-based email services are not the safest way to communicate. 

With cloud-based email services like Gmail, your sensitive data rests on the email provider’s servers and is open to being scanned for marketing purposes. In fact, Google made it clear as early as 2014 that it scans your emails for tailored advertising. While this kind of thing is usually handled through AI, it still means that there is a watchful eye keeping track of your communications. That’s where email clients come in, with many provided by the best email providers.

Email clients don’t store your data on an offshore server owned by a private company. Instead, they allow you the freedom to decide where and how you would like to store your emails, even if it’s just on the hard drive of your computer. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at these to see if we can find the best in 2021.

Outlook is the official business email hosting service from Microsoft (Image credit: Microsoft)

1. Outlook

Microsoft’s official email client

Price: $139.99 one-time payment or $6.99/month | Third-party integrations: Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud | Works on: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Trusted provider 

Works with Microsoft Office

Third-party integrations

Contacts and calendar

Somewhat clunky interface

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