AI is having a positive impact on business decision making

Artificial intelligence is enabling businesses to make more effective decisions and minimize the burden on the workforce, a new report from Foundtech Solutions asserts.

Based on a survey of 750 UK decision-makers, the report explains that 59% believe deploying AI has made their workplace a better, more interesting place.

A further 65% found their roles became more fulfilling with the introduction of AI and, while 35% expressed concerns about the negative impact of automation, the majority remain unconcerned.

Many organizations have also witnessed an enhancement in their decision-making capabilities since AI was deployed, with three in five (60%) reporting that this was the case for them.

In terms of revenue, 62% reported a boost as a direct result of AI deployment, while 61% have confidence in the ability of the technology to provide a sustainable competitive advantage in the long run.

“Now that some of the fear and apprehension surrounding automation has dissipated, organizations are finally realizing and acting on the great value that AI has to offer. Clearly, this change in mindset is already having a positive effect across the board,” said Ero Georgiades, Chief Operating Officer of Fountech Solutions.

“While organizations had previously been reluctant to embrace AI on a large scale, it’s now evident that good tech and a fulfilled workforce go hand in hand. The research has revealed that ultimately, happy workers are productive workers. That’s why we can expect to see more organizations following suit with AI adoption in the coming months.”

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