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Looking for the best password manager? Zoho Vault is free for individuals, and is one of the most affordable options on the market for businesses. It offers a wide range of security and sharing features, plus browser and productivity suite integrations.

In our Zoho Vault review, we cover everything you need to know to decide if this password manager is right for you.

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Zoho Vault: Plans and pricing

Zoho Vault is free for individuals, and has a series of paid plans for businesses (Image credit: Zoho Vault)

Zoho Vault is free for individuals and doesn’t put limits on the number of passwords you can store.

For businesses, the Standard plan costs $1 per user a month, and includes password sharing, a centralized admin panel, and integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. The Professional plan costs $5 per user a month (minimum five users), and adds user groups, shared password folders, and audit logs.

The Enterprise plan costs $8 per user a month (minimum five users), and includes single sign-on and integrations for Active Directory, Okta, and OneLogin. Plans are discounted by 10% if you pay annually, and you can try out Zoho Vault for free for 15 days.


Zoho Vault review - Zoho Vault's user interface demonstrated

Zoho Vault enables you to securely share passwords within your organization (Image credit: Zoho Vault)

All Zoho Vault users receive their own password vault with unlimited storage for records and attached files. You can create any number of custom fields in your entries, and define new templates for certain types of records. Zoho Vault automatically rates the strength of your passwords, and all entries are secured with 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption—the most robust encryption currently available.

The vault includes all the helpful features we’d expect to find in a top password manager, including a built-in password generator and browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. You can save new passwords to Vault automatically, or use it to auto-fill your login information when navigating the web.

Zoho Vault enables you to share passwords with anyone within your organization. You control whether recipients can edit or re-share your passwords, and you have the option to transfer ownership of individual passwords when needed. With a Professional or Enterprise plan, you can also create and share groups of entries.

Zoho Vault review - Zoho Vault's homepage

Zoho Vault also provides comprehensive access controls for businesses (Image credit: Zoho Vault)

Zoho Vault also offers the ability to share passwords with individuals outside your organization by email. However, they will need a Zoho account in order to view any shared credentials.

Zoho Vault offers comprehensive access controls, so employees or administrators can limit who has access and to what information. You can define multiple user groups and take advantage of several permission levels, including one that allows users to access passwords but not to view them in plain text.

Administrators can set up alerts to keep track of important events, such as when passwords are added, deleted, or shared. In addition, administrators can monitor all actions performed across an organization’s vaults using logs and summarized reports. 

Zoho Vault integrates with popular productivity software including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace for single sign-on. In addition, the software is compatible with helpdesks like Zendesk and Zoho Desk, so that you can manage password requests through a ticket system.

Interface and in use

Zoho Vault review - Zoho Vault's user interface showing password logo identifiers

Zoho Vault has apps for the web, desktop, and mobile devices (Image credit: Zoho Vault)

Zoho Vault offers web, desktop, and mobile apps that will look familiar if you’ve ever used another password manager. Passwords are automatically synced between your devices using Zoho’s cloud, and you can organize your passwords into folders to make them easier to find.

To get started with Zoho Vault, you can import passwords from a CSV file or from most major password managers. The software also has entries for over 400 popular websites, so you can easily add your most frequently used passwords. 

One thing we especially liked about Zoho Vault is that shared passwords are automatically tagged in your library—so you can easily see when a password or folder was shared with, or by, you. In addition, you can filter all of your entries to quickly see all shared passwords.

Administrators will appreciate Zoho Vault’s reports, which are packed with colorful charts to help you easily monitor your organization’s security status. You can monitor the number of weak passwords—at organization, team, or individual level—plus track the most commonly accessed passwords across these levels.


Zoho Vault review - Zoho Vault's customer support options and details

Zoho offers 24/5 customer support by phone and email (Image credit: Zoho Vault)

Zoho offers 24/5 customer support by phone and email. There are also detailed tutorials available for administrators and users, complete with screenshots to walk you through the software.


Zoho Vault review - Zoho Vault's user settings for notifications

Administrators can receive alerts when changes are made to your organization’s password database  (Image credit: Zoho Vault)

All passwords are secured with 256-bit AES encryption and backed up to Zoho’s cloud. The service uses zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that Zoho itself can never access your passwords. The software also supports two-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication using Zoho OneAuth.

The competition

Zoho Vault’s closest competitor is LastPass, which also offers single sign-on and productivity suite integrations for business users. However, LastPass is more expensive, with business plans starting at $3 per user a month. If you want single sign-on, LastPass costs $6 per user a month. 

You can read our LastPass review to find out more about this password manager.

Final verdict

Zoho Vault is a comprehensive and affordable password manager for businesses. It offers granular password sharing and access control features, plus it gives administrators a window into the activity happening in users’ vaults across a business network. It also integrates with business software like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Okta, and Zendesk.

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