Why digital transformation projects fail

A successful business needs a complete team of people who collaborate and work for its customers and an outstanding user experience is critical to implementing a digital transformation strategy. The success of the business is pivotal on the user adoption of this technology, which means that companies whose technology frameworks are designed around the user and engaging users via multi-channel strategies, will be the most profitable. Global spending on digital transformation technology is predicted to reach $6.8 trillion by 2023 (IDC) and Forbes claim that 84 percent of companies fail at digital transformation. Tim Barber, Managing Director at AzteQ, reveals some of the most likely reasons for failure and his advice to transformation directors looking to make technology investment in rushing to keep up with the competition, and to boost their profitability. 

How to define digital transformation 

For any business which is shifting its business priorities, and remodeling for 2021 working and trading practices, digital transformation is top of the agenda. Digital transformation can be defined as any route that leads orders or product out of the door utilizing a digital means rather than people, but essentially, it only means what it means for your business.

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