What we can learn from the past when moving to the cloud

The transformation of IT into the cloud was mooted for years, however, it was not until Amazon released its Elastic Compute Cloud in 2006 that the idea of the cloud was truly popularised. Whilst it has taken time to fully develop the idea and build trust, the cloud is now a fully-fledged technology. We all use it every day without even realizing it, whether using social media or watching a film. The cloud has been transformative to the world around us .  

Before we look at how and why the cloud will continue to play such an integral part in the future, we first need to look back at lessons of the past. It may come as a surprise, but the cloud-enabled enterprise of today can learn a lot from Henry Ford in the 1900’s and the dotcom companies almost 90 years later.   

Henry Ford: making manufacturing dynamic   

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