What is Google Cloud storage?

Google Cloud is a flexible cloud storage product with several options for the way you can manage and store your data. It’s one of the largest public cloud storage systems in the world, along with Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle, and offers unified object storage to enterprises and developers alike. 

In this article, we explain the difference between Google Cloud and other Google cloud storage products, to help you better understand your storage options when looking for the best cloud storage provider.

Google Cloud vs Google One: What is Google One?

Google Drive is included within Google One and Google Workspace pricing plans (Image credit: Google Drive)

Not to be confused with Google Cloud, Google One is consumer cloud storage that includes Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. These share a free storage quota of 15GB, but this can be upgraded to 100GB on a $1.99 a month plan (with a discount applied for prepaying annually, totaling $19.99 a year). 

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